Internet IT Services

Centering on JointForce, constructs core competitiveness aiming at the government and typical long-tailed markets such manufacturing by the way of Internet-based organization.

IT Crowdsourcing Services

As an emerging business model, IT crowdsourcing service will spark a revolution in the IT service market. Under the core tag of reliable, Chinasoft International JointForce is a crowdsourcing platform focusing on the vertical area of IT service. In addition to the project requirements contracting and matchmaking transaction service, JointForce also provides the development collaboration cloud (DCC) to improve the quality and efficiency of online development and project management.

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Cloud Services

The cloud consulting and implementation services provided by IIG Group cover the private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud, define the maturity model of cloud services, and instruct the customers to learn and adapt to the cloud quickly.

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SAAS Services

Solution as a Service is a new service model. As a medium between the cloud software and the cloud platform, it covers complete solutions, and subtly integrates application services to improve the productivity and innovation capability of enterprises with relatively controllable costs.

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Business Services

Based on the support of existing customers and years of IT service of customers, business experience and accumulated date, IIG Group adopts the cloud computing, Internet e-commerce platform, and mobile service to directly offer customers with new commercial services, so as to raise the running efficiency and profitability of customers in their industries, and improve the competitiveness of served customers in the industry. The commercial services include financial service programs in the circulation domain, and smart human–community cloud data services.